Audit & Accounting

Since 1981, our experienced professionals have continually maintained the highest levels of quality and independence – essential audit and assurance standards for today’s business environment.

There are many reasons why you require an auditor with the technical expertise and industry experience we offer; Some of these include globalization, constantly changing reporting and regulatory requirements, growing demands for transparency, and increased financial reporting risk. Whether you’re facing these or other challenges, you can be confident that your team at Swindon Springer will be beside you with the expertise and guidance you need to accomplish your business objectives.

Our audit and assurance services offer precise and productive challenges to management, comprehensive perspectives to audit committees and boards, and transparent information to stakeholders and investors.

Accounting Solutions

Rapidly growing, small- to mid-sized businesses face many challenges. The expense and complexity of developing a high-functioning accounting and finance department is significant – especially if an experienced executive-level financial expert is not part of the staff. In addition to the difficulty, an ineffective, inefficient, or inaccurate accounting department can expose a growing business or organization to considerable risk.

Our firm provides outsourced accounting and financial solutions to help you get the accurate and timely information needed for better decision-making and company growth. We take the complexity out of accounting and finance so you can focus on running your business.

Through three distinct phases, we are able to customize an accounting and finance solution to fit your specific needs:

  1. Accounting evaluation – We assess your financial statements to determine the accuracy and timeliness of information. Our experts then help streamline your accounting process, depending on the level of adjustment needed.
  2. Reporting transformation and process implementation – We provide regular, ongoing maintenance of your financial reporting to ensure the highest-quality information. In addition, we create an accounting wellness program so your financial reporting process is continually accurate and efficient.
  3. Ongoing accounting support – Our experts provide monthly accounting support and advise you on how to use financial information to guide your long-term business strategy. We tailor your ongoing accounting support to support your unique needs:
    • Full outsourced accounting – Provides clients the complete services of external accounting and finance clerical staff (accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc.) and professional and oversight functions.
    • Monthly accounting professional – Supervises all data entry, monthly close, and oversight services as well as monthly financial reporting and presentation to management.
    • Monthly accounting oversight – Offers clients data and reporting review by an accounting manager and monthly financial meetings to discuss reports and other business matters.

To help you operate your accounting and finance departments as effectively as possible, we assess your people, processes, and systems. We identify risks, mitigate internal control deficiencies, and work with your staff to gain efficiencies in your financial reporting process. Examples of financial optimization services include:

  • Accounting department assessments
  • Speed and quality reviews of financial reporting
  • Internal controls

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